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Mimi’s Hair 1

Mimi’s Hair

  • ISBN: 978-9948-15-044-2
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publishing: 2009
  • Pages: 20
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Mimi hates her curly hair and wishes she had silky hair just like princesses in stories, mermaids in the sea and her friend Fatima in school. Mimi asks her mother to get her a hair straightener but she refuses since Mimi’s age is inappropriate. Mimi falls asleep and dreams that her hair is straight but that no one seems to recognize who she is. Her neighbour doesn’t know her; her best friend doesn’t recognize her and her grandparents have no idea who she is. However, everything changeswhen rain falls and her hair becomes frizzy again. Mimi’s Hair conveys the message that a person is loved and accepted by people because of his/her character and not by appearances, and stresses that one should love and accept oneself wholeheartedly.

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