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Unity Makes Strength  1

Unity Makes Strength

  • ISBN: 978-9948-15-812-7
  • Format: Hardback with a CD
  • Publishing: 2010
  • Pages: 32
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Sultan, an enthusiastic boy, runs home with a UAE flag he makes at school for the national day. He asks his family questions about the history of the United Arab Emirates and goes for a visit to the Heritage Village with them. They all partake in cultural activities and spend a lovely time together. Sultan rides a camel and holds a blindfolded peregrine, his father carries a falcon, his mom and sister get henna patterns on their hands, his grandmother has some coffee with cardamom while grandpa joins the Yola dancers. Sultan asks about the colours of the flag and the meaning of unity and his grandfather tells him a story to answer his questions. Unity Makes Strength presents the history of the UAE before the discovery of oil and introduces the reader to various cultural practices and food dishes of the United Arab Emirates.

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