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When a Camel Craves Crunchies 1

When a Camel Craves Crunchies

  • ISBN: 978-9948-85-168-4
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publishing: 2012
  • Pages: 36
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A little Bedouin girl is stuck with a peculiar camel guest who will not be satisfied and happy until he is served the famous Emirati traditional dish loqaimat (sweet and crunchy bites). The girl tries her best to impress the camel by serving him different popular Emirati dishes like ballaleet, hareess, sagow, khanfaroosh, batheeth and Khabees but he only craves loqaimat. When grandma serves the loqaimat dish, he does not settle for them alone without dipping them in the traditional date syrup. When a Camel Craves Crunchies (Loqaimat) is a humorous and rhyming story presenting the UAE traditional customs of food and hospitality.

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