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Abdulaziz Al Musallam is a poet and a writer who was born in Sharjah, UAE. He graduated from Beirut Arab University which is based in Beirut, with a B.A. in history and has received a higher diploma in History and Islamic Civilization from Sharjah University. He rose to fame as a poet and a writer and did work on folklore including fairy tales, oral history and Nabati Poetry. At the present moment, he is the Director of Heritage in the Department of Culture & Information established by the Sharjah Government. He is considered the most popular folklore writer in the UAE and has published 3 collections of poetry and 9 books on culture and heritage. His work includes, Safar el Layali (1990), Baqaya el Lail (1995) and Tofolat Hob wa Salam (1998). He also wrote and published prose such as Al Zakera al Shabya (1999), Al Azyaa wa al zina (2001), Al Lahjah al Emarateya (2001), Bu Ahmed (2005), Rashed al Shoq (2002), Marawed (2002), Bosmah (2002), Madaaen al Reeh (Wind Cities) published in 2004, Marames (2004), Bu Ahmed and Sharjah 2005. Al Musallam is also a founding member of the Architectural Heritage Society established in 2003, and a member of the Sharjah National Theater. He participated in many Arabic and international symposia, conferences and forums on cultural heritage, folklore and history and is constantly writing essays and editorials on these subjects to leading Arabic newspapers and periodicals.

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