Sahar Naja MahfouzAuthor

    Beirut born, Sahar Naja Mahfouz graduated with a degree in public administration and has been in the
 UAE for the past 20 years. A mother of three children who also works full time as the office manager for UAE Central Bank, Sahar still finds time in her busy schedule to write stories that convey the need for tolerance and acceptance of individuality particularly in the context of the diverse mix of cultures here. Sahar’s first book was Loughz al Saghir (Secret of the Small Person) for Asala publishing house along with three more books for children. Both her books for Kalimat, Zarafa Melia (Melia and the Giraffe) and Horoufi Tarqous (My Dancing Letters) are about characters who are different from the crowd and try their best to fit in.

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